How to get what you want

It might be easier than you think!

Now, that I got your attention, let me explain. We all want so many things, we all have so many goals. I know, I know, there are never enough hours in the day, there is never enough energy, life happens and distracts us from things. Sure. But there is a secret to solving this. It is about priorities.

Let me demonstrate. When I was studying at university, I would start on my assignments in the last day before they were due. If the essay was due on Monday, in about 90 percent of cases I would start writing it on Sunday before that Monday. All other days that I could use writing that essay I would be working, relaxing, seeing friends, doing anything but that essay. Deep down I knew it was not a right thing to do but I was doing it because of the magic of the Night Before.

What does the magic of the Night Before mean? That was the day or night when suddenly my mind would shift. I was no longer distracted by the TV downstairs, sounds of my parents making dinner, phone calls, messages I was receiving from my friends, being tired, etc. All of a sudden, all the sounds would become almost like a white noise, all of the distractions like a small working desk would turn into enablers (if I was studying for the exam that involved memorizing I would put sheets of printing paper with the information I needed to memorize up on the walls). Everything started to evolve around the essay I needed to write. Sleep no longer mattered and I was not even tired. Do you know why? Because my priorities for that day (or night) would shift. Only writing a good essay and submitting it one time would matter.

Why am I bothering you with stories about my studying? Because it illustrates that our daily actions reflect our true priorities. If you want something, you better actually believe that it is important, and only then you will begin changing your daily tasks and structure your lifestyle around your goals. For example, I can tell you that being healthy is important to me, let’s say it is my goal. But if every time during the day I choose Not to excercise (because reading or watching TV or relaxing is more important for me at this moment), I would choose not to make a salad but throw pizza in the oven (because Not spending time in the kitchen is more important to me), it shows what my real priorities are.

It is okay but we need to be honest with ourselves. Until you begin to be aware of your choices and see if you agree or disagree with what your real priorities are, you cannot expect changes. I can say that my priority is to have a body like Jennifer Lopez. Am I committed to spend 2 hours in gym every day like her and only see cakes in my dreams? Wait a minute, those are not my priorities! That is how you catch yourself on what truly matters to you.

But if you want your long-term priorities and goals to become real, you need to have the talk with yourself and re-prioritize your daily activities, adjust those daily choices. I believe anyone can have anything they want if they a. Be honest with themselves if this is what they really want b. Willing to do everything it takes and more to achieve it. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to do what it takes. And then yes, then you can have anything that you want.

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