What is Perfect Summer for you?


At different age my response to this question would have been different. I had some fun and put together what my perfect summer would look like at a different age and stages of my life. This post is giving out some major summer vibes – hope it will inspire you to create your own guide to a perfect summer!

Age: 10

Goal: 1. Locate the cotton candy 2. Finish reading books for school 3. Bike while listening to music

Activities: Biking or learning how to bike; being outside with friends; rollerblading; playing computer games; watching Disney cartoons; colouring

Summer Soundtrack: Anything playing on MTV in 2000, especially songs by 1. Britney Spears ; 2. Breathless; 3. Enrique Iglesias; 4. N’Sync 5. Bon Jovi 6. Shakira 7. Around the World

Uniform: new T-shirt dress with little Mermaid; sunglasses

Food and Drink: ice-cream, pop and cotton candy

Age: 15

Goal: 1. Locate the crush 2. Take many photos of everything and everyone and upload to MySpace 3. Go to explore downtown with as many friends and classmates as I can locate 4. Go to wonderland summer rush concert

Activities: Being outside with friends; reading; spying on my crush; painting nails in bright colours; getting a temporary tattoo; watching Pirates of the Carribean; watching music videos

Summer Soundtrack: 1. Benny Benassi 2. Black Eyed Peas 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Gwen Stefani 5. Destiny’s Child 6. Beyonce 7. She will be loved

Uniform: Tank top and yellow neon shorts

Food and Drink: pizza, every candy available; Pepsi

Age: 20

Goal: 1. Pass university exams; 2. Save up for a trip to the Carribean 3. Go out more often and try more patios 4. Make some money + find office job 5. Attend every concert possible

Activities: Going to patios with friends after work; Making it to the beach; Pretending I am one of the Pirates by having rum with Coke at all times; Trying to find the time to sleep between working and studying

Summer Soundtrack: 1. Sean Paul 2. Break your heart 3. Pumped Up Kicks 4. Airplanes 5. Katy Perry

Uniform: Any outfit from Express, especially weird shaped skirts with office jackets and black necklace

Food and Drink: Rum with Coke; Blue Hawaiian; nachos with guacamole

Age: 25

Goal: 1. Save up for European vacation 2. Get permanent job 3. See friends more often 4. Locate champagne salad dressing

Activities: Spend time with husband and friends on my own patio; read; explore local destinations with dogs; travel to Europe; trying new recipes

Summer Soundtrack: 1.How deep is your love 2. Worth it; 3. Songs by Pitbull 4. Cheap Trills 5. Lean on 6. No lie

Uniform: Long flowy skirts, tank tops

Food and Drink: Rose, sangria and trying new kinds of cheese

Age: 30

Goal: 1. Find the time to see friends 2. Save up for house renovations and vacations
3. Write and read more 4. Lose weight and have more energy 5. Find energy to do anything after work/avoid working overtime

Activities: Spend time with husband and friends on my own patio; read and write more; explore local destinations with dogs; travel; watching Selling Sunset and Why Women Kill

Summer Soundtrack: 1. Ed Sheeran 2. Jonas Brothers 3. Dua Lipa 4. Inna and Sean Paul 5. Music from Selling Sunset

Uniform: New shades; white sandals and summer dresses or skort and sporty clothing

Food and Drink: Any cold white wine; champagne with ice; fruit smoothie; Starbucks cold brew with chocolate foam; hazelnut gelato with chocolate sauce that freezes; salads

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