Hi everyone and welcome to my Rise&Lead blog! I am so excited for you to read this!
What this blog is about

My mission is to support, empower and help my readers in any way through my posts and stories.

This blog is for anyone and everyone who seeks to find new approaches, how-tos as well as inspirational stories and ideas on the topics of:

  • self-development/personal development/confidence
  • improving life/feeling good/self-care/happiness
  • professional development/career growth/leadership/financial management (coming up!)
  • lifestyle/food & drink/travel (coming up!)

The name of ‘Rise & Lead’ suggests for everyone who feels stuck or unsure about themselves or their abilities, or where their life is going to feel better – by realizing who you are and what you bring to the table you can rise up to new opportunities and experiences and be ready to lead others and live the life you deserve!
About Me


I am Anna, and I am a first-generation immigrant to Canada. I was born in Russia, later lived in Ukraine and have been happily living in Canada for the last 15 years. English is my second language so please be patient with my grammar 🙂 Since I’ve been living in Canada from my early teenage years, I do not consider myself as an immigrant but rather as a first-generation Canadian (almost like a pioneer on this beautiful land).

Personal life: Happily married to the love of my life for 5 years and counting; residing near Toronto with my 3 cats (persian, russian-blue, unknown breed) and 1 dog (border collie)

Education: Bachelor Degree in Politics and Governance, Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Ryerson University; Accredited Portfolio Management Professional by Project Management Institute (PMI)

Professional life: Worked in all 3 sectors (private, not-for-profit, public) in various occupations, from marketing to program analysis to business analysis to project and portfolio management and strategy. Currently working for government of Ontario (please do not throw rotten tomatoes at me, it is a different and not political organization, unlike Premier’s Office. I work in a civil service which means we have to implement whatever party/leadership in place chooses to)

Hobbies: writing, reading, hiking, travelling
Pop-quiz (if after reading all of this you are still interested in learning more about me:)
Ideal vacation: a destination that includes access to the beach AND a nice town/city to explore, preferably with historical buildings/palaces and restaurants with patios

Favourite drink: caramel macchiato from Starbucks on a weekday; earl grey tea on any other day; champagne

Wines: chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pino grigio

Favourite food: pasta & pizza (I refuse to be shamed about carbs! Yes to carbs!)

Favourite movie of all time: Back to the Future

Currently binge-watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I always carry: notebook, phone, ipod, wallet, snacks

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