Self-care Products and Tools

Despite winter holidays being the busiest time of the year, with all the demands from family, work and social obligations many of us choose to put ourselves last during this time. This is wrong. More activities and more pressure creates greater need for self-care.Today I want to show you different tools and products you need to introduce into your life to deal with stress, relax better and just make your life easier. Most of these products are very affordable and yet bring significant mental health benefits (bye bye stress!). This post is not sponsored so I tried removing brand names where possible. I own most of the products below and they significantly help to relax, reduce stress and calm down.1. Eye gel mask. This is the best investment. In addition to reducing the circles under eyes, it also helps with headaches. I keep mine in the fridge (not freezer) so it is always cold.2. Massagers. I have a back/shoulder massager and also a massager that looks like a chair and conveniently goes on the sofa or in the car. Most of them also heat, which really helps to reduce pain. In fact all the holiday cleaning kind of ruined my back so my health is literally relying on one right now!3. Journals and notebooks. I have a five year journal with one question for each day, it helps me to see how my preferences, values and even approach to life has evolved in the last five years. Plus a sentence a day is more doable than a few pages. However, if you are worried about something very specific, try the following approach: create a table, in the first column write a list of things that worry or concern you (yes, face your fears!), and in the second column write a list of things you can do about them. Every problem or a risk can be avoided/prevented, its impact can also be minimized or reduced, you can also just face and address the problem or identify and accept the consequences. For example, if a problem that worries you is overspending during the holidays, think about how you can reduce the expenditures (e.g. only one gift per person, ask guests to bring desert, etc.), have a plan how to track expenses or where to get more money, or accept the risk and create a plan how you will pay it off in the new year. Once you have identified plan of action, stop worrying about it! Worrying will not make the problem go away but it will steal your joy and add a stress for no reason.4. Essential oil diffuser. There are so many out there and you can use any essential oil (e.g. lavander) or an oil blend to bring some tranquility into your everyday life. We have one in the living room and it is always on. If you do not like a diffuser, many brands also sell essential oil rollers (it is a lifesaver at work, I often apply lavander one at work on my wrists and take a deep breath- helps if I am about to deliver a presentation).

5. Lavander bath salts. I own these exact ones and nothing beats hot lavander bath at the end of the day.6. Facial roller. This is very relaxing and also can be used to apply creams and reduce wrinkles. I just like how it feels.

7. Any tea that has a nice flavour and relaxes you. I am a big tea drinker and I find a cup of nice tea to be a great companion at all times.

8. Sleeping mask, melanin pills or reading socks – anything that helps you sleep better!