From increasing your confidence, finding your path to becoming happier, this section will include a number of different posts tied to self-development and personal growth

Latest Posts

Cold a cold? Here are some methods that work!

The fall is about to start and I must confess – I was down with a cold already. Every season usually starts with minor sickness given my allergies and ongoing stressors but adding ongoing pressures, deadlines, and you know, global pandemic and it might be a good idea to know how to treat a cold…

How to make good decisions

There are many different approaches to answer this question. I am not going to cover how to make decisions because at the end of the day, it is up to you, but I will talk about how good and bad decisions look like to guide you towards something that is right for you Characteristics of…

A key to improving life

Recently I have been stuck in the same routine, doing the same things day after day and yet always dreaming about another day and time, the magical “tomorrow” where things are better on all fronts. “Tomorrow” is a futuristic destination, a perfect world where I live in a beautiful house with clean kitchen (and no…

How to Become More Confident

I used to have this problem – not being confident. In fact, I did not acknowledge that I was not confident but if there was a challenging situation, whether involving talking to a new person, introducing myself, presenting something at work or even speaking up – I would try to avoid it. And, if I…


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