From increasing your confidence, finding your path to becoming happier, this section will include a number of different posts tied to self-development and personal growth

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Creating a Summer Mood

Getting excited for the summer is harder during pandemic time but not impossible. Even when traveling is limited and patios are still closed down in Ontario (so jealous of California!), there are many ways to get ready for the summer and especially to get into the lighter mood. Below are some ideas! Create a summer…

About Hope

It has been a long year and a long winter. What started as few weeks turned into months of waiting, waking up stressed, checking the news on an hourly basis and learning to decode COVID statistics. In other words, it has been hard. It got very easy not to care – when something bad happens…

What Does Self-Love Mean?

There is Valentine’s Day for everyone who has a special one in their lives, there is a Family Day a day later that has been recently recognized as a holiday in many countries. However, there is no day to celebrate our love for ourselves. I know, we supposed to care about others and that’s what…

Weekend Meal: Mushroom Penne Pasta

This is something that can be done under 30 minutes and tastes amazing! It is a penne pasta with portobello mushrooms and bacon in tomato four cheese sauce sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. You can switch it up, add more ingredients or change the kind of sauce you want to use, but this specific combination has…


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