From increasing your confidence, finding your path to becoming happier, this section will include a number of different posts tied to self-development and personal growth

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How to mentally prepare for the holidays

As Winter Holidays approaching, it can be both the happiest and the most challenging season. However, there are ways to deal most of these concerns. Let’s start with the first one.

How to get what you want

It might be easier than you think! Now, that I got your attention, let me explain. We all want so many things, we all have so many goals. I know, I know, there are never enough hours in the day, there is never enough energy, life happens and distracts us from things. Sure. But there…

How to stop being triggered

As the year is getting closer to the end, I already sense general tiredness and layers and layers of negative emotions. Especially at work, there are several moments a day where I feel it is almost a test done by different people, intentionally or not, to see who gets to push me over the edge.…

How to be more organized with money

To be honest, this is the topic I frequently read about and then continue doing things the way I always do without making changes. However, mastering your relationship with money is one of the key things that will determine not just the quality of your life (and/or quality of life for your children or anyone…


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