Few reasons to enjoy the fall season

When I was small I used to resent the fall season – I grew tired of it after the first week of school. However, as I got older I learned to enjoy it and now I am actually looking forward for autumn to begin. Below are some ways to enjoy the fall season:

  • Getting & wearing a new fashionable coat/jacket/cardigan
  • Getting & wearing a colourful and/or cozy fluffy scarf
  • Getting & wearing new boots (especially in trendy colours like burgundy or purple)
  • Starbucks seasonal drinks!
  • Preparing seasonal meals – like pumpkin or apple pie
  • Decorating home with fall arrangements (like colourful leafs, seasonal flowers or pumpkins – why not?)
  • Indigo’s seasonal candles – I love the ones that smell like fireplace, crispy apple and other fall scents
  • More reasons to use a fireplace
  • More reasons to wrap yourself in a warm fluffy blanket
  • Master a seasonal drink recipe – hot spicy chocolate is my favouriteimages37ql0grj
    • Boil milk then add few spoons of dry cocoa powder
    • Add few spoons of chocolate chips (the ones used for cookies)
    • Add few red pepper flakes
    • Stir everything, reduce the heat
    • Remove from heat when the chocolate chips have melted



  • More time to read your favorite books or watch new TV (I always have a selection of my favorite movies for every season)
  • More reasons (or excuses) to snuggle with your pet (like your cat or dog)
  • Seasonal markets bring this nice vibe – filled with seasonal fruits, veggies and fresh jams – how can one miss it?
  • Perfect time to walk outside (or in the park, especially if you can pick the right kind of mushroom)
  • Beautiful time to take pictures (hello Instagram!)
  • A lot of good movies are often released in fall (Like Bridget Jones next week!)
  • Fall opens the season of baking – what can be better than a warm cookie or pie just from the oven?
  • and many more!

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