How to be present

Many times I heard that the best way to enjoy life and be happy is to be present and slow down. However, it is not as easy as it seems. While I do understand the concept, just because I know I have to slow down and appreciate my current day, current situation, and everything else I already have, it does not mean I can.

Have you been in this situation, let’s say you are trying to enjoy present through meditation. You find a comfortable spot, you put your phone away, in my case also hide away from my pets because they suddenly become very interested in what it is I am doing (I have 3 cats and a dog). So let’s assume, you are sitting down and closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. But is your mind really clear? Do you see the vision of waterfalls and feel peace and light is flowing through your body? Because when I sit down, all I can think of is what I should be cooking for the dinner tomorrow and if I need to order any home supplies off Amazon.

However there are a number of other activities that you can do that actually bring you closer to being present:

  • Aromatherapy. There are so many essential oils and blends that instantly relax you. How many of you have slow downed to smell something pleasant? While it does not take a long time, it is the fact that it forces you to pause that counts. Find a nice essential oil that you can use with the diffuser or a home perfume that you enjoy and spray it every time you want to get into more relax mood
  • Write. Sometimes we have so many thoughts that they just pile up and slow you down. I find that physically writing down my to-do list or using an app to track my ideas helps me to focus on what’s really important i.e. life.
  • Take pictures or videos. This is how you create a time capsule and keep current moment captured forever.
  • Imagine that your mind is a big living room and that negative thoughts can be just swiffed away or maybe placed in garbage bags and taken out of this room. It will instantly make you feel better
  • Listen to the music that you like. Just because the title or the description of the music sounds nice does not mean it would be something you will like. I fall in this trap all the time, when I want some nice soft jazz and ask Alexa to play something, usually on the second song I already cannot stand the music. Stay true what actually makes you feel good
  • Hug! I love receiving hugs and giving hugs to people and pets and it is the best way to stop time
  • Walk, move, be outside! Be an observer like Parisians. If you have been to Paris or France in general, you probably have noticed that all their chairs in their cafes are facing the street. When I first saw this I thought they need help turning them towards the tables. It turns out that French people like observing others more than facing the people they are with during the meal. Start observing others and the world around you and you may notice something new
  • Travel! Every time I go to the new place I instantly pay more attention at everything that surrounds me
  • Light a candle or make a bonfire. Sit next to the fireplace. I swear nothing makes me reflect more than seeing an open flame

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