Motivate yourself from your own desk

Whether you are looking for a motivation to study for the next exam, planning a trip or starting to write a book, your work starts at your desk so it is the first item you need to address.

First of all, look around and decide if what you have right now does work for you as your work space.If it does – stop reading this article and get back to work! If not, continue…

The problem that many people share is that once the furniture is set, and certain items are placed, we accept them at a face value and don’t notice it anymore. For instance, back when I was at university, I couldn’t understand how come I was not able to focus until one day came when I looked up at my shelves, looked around at my desk, and realized that sharing my desk with my parents and a 5-year old sister had its consequences – Harry Potter posters, pink plush monkeys and stashed of old newspapers were not noticeable but they took enormous amount of space and energy!

The best way to start fresh is to remove everything from your desk (as well as anything placed on the shelves or walls around your desk) that no longer motivates you. Your work space should be warm, clean, cozy, inviting, but most importantly, it should be you. When anyone looks at your desk, they immediately should be able to tell if this is your desk and what you use it for. If it does not look like the desk is serving its purpose – start from the clean state and remove/recycle everything that distracts you.

Once you are done and you are looking at an empty desk, consider, what items you need for:

1) functional purposes (e.g. organizational chart, project management cycle, map, etc.) – can be placed on a desk or hanged on the wall

-include items for quick access – pens, papers, tape, etc. (hint: put them in a small pretty box or inside a drawer to safe space)

2) organizational purposes (e.g. calendar, to-do list, as well as notebooks, white boards, etc.)

-hanging these ones on the wall is the best idea as they serve as constant reminders

3) motivational/inspirational purposes (e.g. favorite quote, dream poster, inspirational item (like a cup with the words “world’s best boss” etc.)

-place them where you can see them so that they inspire you and remind you why you are sitting at your desk and what you are trying to accomplish

Finally, don’t forget to do cleanup every month or three. As your goals and purposes change, so should your environment at home/work, including your desk. The most important is making your desk work for you.

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