Achieve Your Goals with Your Brand New…Winning Attitude

This is the second post in the 3-post series on setting your mind on the course to success. This one will focus on having the right attitude that will help you to move in the direction of your dreams.

It seems like many people often have everything it takes to be happy and/or successful: supportive network8cab3aaa0420df757f8be9588089ea29 (family and friends), financial freedom, education and skills…and yet they can’t seem to put 2 and 2 together and achieve their dreams. What’s missing here? It is the attitude – whether they are scared of change or don’t believe in themselves, the right attitude will
be the one thing that can push you forward or forever hold you back.

Winning Attitude involves:

  1. Being Positive. You always find good things and opportunities in any situation.
  2. Not giving up: discipline is the key to success
  3. Knowing who you are and what you want at all times: Being consistent in your vision and your beliefs.
  4. Being honest about your feelings and the situation around you because you know that lying to yourself will not help to improve your situation, but actions based on real facts will.

781094c3f9d661b00fdaa750e5c82a28.jpg5. Being equally friendly and supportive to everyone you may work/interact with, including coffee ladies, interns and your boss (if you have one). People remember good and bad things you say and do.

6. Curiosity: being interested in things around you, you want to read more and learn more and you never think that you know enough and there is nothing left to learn.

7. Willingness to Learn: learning life lessons and life-hacks from everyone you meet – a little girl can teach you to enjoy little things like a pretty snowflake, your teenage neighbour can point you to the best bakery in town – you wouldn’t learn these things unless you keep an open mind

8. Being a good listener because you know that it matters to others

9. Not expecting anything from anyone – because no one “owes you” anything – this also forces you to be more proactive and do everything to avoid risks and increase your chance of success – always have a plan B and be prepared to work with obstacles and barriersf80f07b7-a7a4-4990-bab0-a73fee9dbaff10. Knowing when to say yes to an opportunity and when to say no to stay focused

11. Knowing who you are and what you stand for, and you focus on the sides of your personality that help you move forward

12. Enjoying little things in life – because life is not about working towards achievements but about living it

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