Late night thoughts: holiday magic

Many people like the Christmas or New Year’s holiday because of the magic and hope that they bring. They make us believe that things will change but we don’t really try doing anything differently ourselves. We rely too much on our expectations of wonder and in hopes that it will be the other people (but not us) who will do things differently and make it better for us, because, you know, holiday season.

The magic happens when people start doing things – deciding to change things is not enough, it is about taking a step towards your dream. The moment you begin taking steps towards your goal, dream or change, that’s when the universe will play along and send you chances and opportunities. It will send you people that will guide you, books that will give you ideas, music that will inspire you and so on – just begin applying some effort – do not wait because tomorrow may never come. I think the amount of chances and opportunities you get is proportional to the effort you put in.  When  the student is ready the teacher appears – as soon as you will want to learn and start seeking the answer, whatever it may be, the life will give you opportunities and hints.

It is interesting how it only takes one step outside your comfort zone to truly feel alive. Begin truly living your life – watching movies that make you laugh and cry, listening to the songs and music that wake up your soul, reading the books that inspire you to be better, seeing things that make you appreciate your life and doing things to challenge yourself and circumstances to become better, to fight against the fate others think you should have. So often we make promises to ourselves, we wish for things to change, we make resolutions – but we rarely act on it, challenge our daily habits and do things differently. So often we continue doing the same thing but expect or hope for different results. Don’t wait until tomorrow, until Monday, until next year – do it today. Begin by looking around, appreciating what you already have, the people in your life and all the challenges that you already overcame.

Life is what you make it – create your own magic. Don’t wait or hope for things to happen and make you happy – create your own opportunities, your own reasons for celebrating life and do what feels right. Be your own hero of your own story – and believe in the power of your will. Don’t believe in holiday magic – it will come, but only when you start believing in yourself, challenge yourself and do things that you were afraid to do. That’s when the real magic will appear.

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