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What is Perfect Summer for you?

At different age my response to this question would have been different. I had some fun and put together what my perfect summer would look like at a different age and stages of my life. This post is giving out some major summer vibes – hope it will inspire you to create your own guide…

How to tell if someone is worth your trust

This test applies not only to romantic relationships but also to friendships and especially relationships between relatives. To have a healthy relationship and make sure the person worth your trust, there are only 3 conditions that need to be met

How to deal with negative energy

Let’s face it – negative energy is easier to get then a positive energy. Whether it is news, comments on internet, annoying people at work or people from our families or relationships – there is always something. However, aside from the ‘regular’ negative energy that most of receive and project, there are times when negative…

Thoughts on Ukraine

I have been not writing for a few months because when Russia invaded Ukraine, I was speechless. Not just speechless, it was like a nightmare. Every day when I wake up, I feel as if it was a bad dream until I read more news, and see pictures, and talk to my family and friends….


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