Ways to Get Excited for the Summer

city-summer-sun-girl-dress-lovely-beautifulSummer 2019 is almost here! I was thinking about previous summers and the best summer memories that I had, and I realized that many of them took place when I was not travelling or on vacation. Since this year I am doing mostly stay-cation, I was looking for ways to get into the summer mode. If you are also looking for ways to get excited about the summer, read below:

  • Get outside – I know, this sounds like a very basic advice but hear me out. So many of the great memories take place outside. There is something in fresh summer air, greenery and sunshine that just make better memories (and photos!). There are many ways to make going outside feel special:
    • Have a picnic. Pack a picnic basket in a classic French way – bring fresh fruit and berries, some cheese, fresh bread and white or rose wine. Invest in colourful plates and cups and bring some magazines/books, nice music and good company with you
    • Go for a hike, explore nearby waterfalls or trails or go to the nearby lake
    • Enjoy the summer from your own backyard or a patio! Create fun memories while being outside 
  • Get your summer music on – every summer I put together a playlist of old and new songs that remind me of my summer memories and best fun moments. Nothing puts me in the summer mood more than songs that I always heard in the summer. Try it! 
  • Take amazing pictures – feel like a tourist/photographer and take a new look at the streets you always take. The light in the morning and in the evening makes better photos, take advantage of it!
  • Plan day trips –even if you are staying at home like me, there is no reason to lock yourself inside your house. There is always something to see, try and explore. Some of the things to do: plan small day trips to small towns, festivals, markets or specific events or places to see. If you really want to go to the beach but can’t afford to take all-inclusive vacation, explore swimming pools in the city and make a day out of it.
  • Refresh your menu a wonderful thing about the summer is the amount of fresh berries, fruits, veggies and herbs that it brings. Take advantage of seasonal items and integrate them into your menu – whether it is switching from chocolate cookies to strawberry pie, or from beer to a fruity cider, there are many ways to eat better in the summer. You can also simplify your dinners – switch it up with salads and fresh seafood that takes less time to cook than traditional dinners involving meat. Also take advantage of the barbecue – from roasted corn and peppers, to chicken skewers and hot dogs/burgers, there is something for everyone.  
  • Refresh your beauty routine – there are a number of things that I change in my beauty routine for the summer. For example, I use sunscreen more often; play with the colour of my nails by adding more bright colours; come up with new ways to style my hair or invest in oils or sprays to create beach waves; make up in the summer can also be brighter or lighter. When it comes to eye make up – I either go with sandy or golden eye shadows, or use bright blue or purple eyeliners. You can also use brighter lipsticks or lip-glosses in the summer. Another thing that I would recommend adding to your beauty routine in the summer is investing in products for your feet. Yves Rocher has a good line with feet creams that include cooling effects – check it out! https://www.yvesrocher.ca/control/product/~category_id=4000/~pcategory=4000/~product_id=08237?cmSrc=Category (no, this post was not sponsored)
  • Update your look -summer is the perfect time to experiment with your look. Whether it is investing in new summer pieces (I like flowery dresses and shirts in light colours), or going for a haircut or colour you always wanted, doing it in the summer makes it more fun! I also love to change my purse for the summer to something lighter, in white or light brown colours. I heard that caring less things makes you happier (and your walk improves as well!)
  • Freshen up your home – your home can also be ‘summerized’ – make it feel like vacation by investing in colourful pillows, removing all extra things or investing in a good smoothie maker. Also, adding new plants and greenery helps to get into the summer mood. 
  • Have a top 5 things list think about the things that excite you this summer and come up with a plan, with at least one item in each category:
    • Movies you would like to see this summer
    • Goals/things you would like to achieve this summer. Maybe open a savings account or get driving licence (that would be me)
    • Events/birthdays/weddings you are looking forward to attending
    • Down time activities. What relaxes you? For example, when I imagine lying down in my backyard with a new book and a bowl of fresh cherries, it makes me very happy.
    • Plans: a plan within a plan is something I like doing. Plan some activities or new things to see – this will create some milestones for the summer.
  • Create fun future memories list –
    • This one is similar to the previous list, but more fun one. What are some daring things you always wish you’ve done when the fall arrives? Is it trying a new fruit, going for that scary ride, trying on a temporary tattoo or jumping into the fountain with your best friend? Whatever sounds fun to you, write it down and then just do it!

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