A key to improving life


Recently I have been stuck in the same routine, doing the same things day after day and yet always dreaming about another day and time, the magical “tomorrow” where things are better on all fronts. “Tomorrow” is a futuristic destination, a perfect world where I live in a beautiful house with clean kitchen (and no dirty dishes!), where I weight less and have an awesome body, my bank account is full of money I don’t know how to spend, etcetera etcetera. But how to get there? I must point that I am probably one of the laziest people out there and I love taking a nap or watching TV shows, and looking into my phone in-between.

I know that at this point you are expecting me to tell you one of the two things: either to start doing things today or some kind of a magical pill or a silver bullet that can solve your problems. This one is a bit of both.

It started with the dishes. Hear me out, I promise to get to the point! I always enter the kitchen in the morning, and if I look around and see dirty dishes (that didn’t fit into dishwasher) or some kind of a mess, I get cranky before I even have a breakfast. I don’t know what I don’t like more – cleaning up in the evening or seeing dirty dishes in the morning. One evening, while cleaning up, it occured to me that if I don’t think of it as a chore but rather as something else, it goes by better. If instead of thinking about all the cleanup I have to do, I approach it differently and think about the fact that I deserve a clean kitchen, cleaning up felt more like an investment into my future than a boring task.

This principle is so important and can be applied to anything. It is all about how you control your inner voice. It can be applied to anything – instead of thinking oh no, I have to go to the GYM to lose weight even though it is hard, if I change my mentality and instead think I deserve a beautiful and healthy body, I no longer go against the wind but instead go with it.

I dare you to apply this principle at the next opportunity. Next time you think about commuting to work, tell yourself I deserve to have a career. When going grocery shopping, it is not doing a chore, it is done because I deserve to eat healthy, fresh and delicious food that I can handpick. If you need to resolve an issue in your relationship, instead of thinking about how you need to have this painful conversation to explain yourself, think that I deserve to have a healthy relationship where I am respected.

This principle will enhance your life and allow you to enjoy what you do while you are doing it. Back to my dishes – now, every morning I walk into a clean kitchen because I deserve a clean kitchen and it feels very good. I also resumed writing because I deserve to write a book, became more active, began having a beauty routine…long story short, this principle is really easy and yet it works!

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