How to create and get into New Years mood

A lot of holidays preparations start on cheerful and hopeful note but somehow as we get closer to the celebration, all excitement wears off as most of the time ends up being spent in the kitchen. Surely most women can relate – if I want a festive celebration, the best way to achieve it is to cook everything myself, decorate everything by myself and then manage everyone to ensure they follow the plan to achieve a perfect, fun and fancy celebration. No wonder that women begin seeing the holiday season as sets of chores and a source of stress. However, there is a way to get into cheerful holiday mood! Below are some ways to do it.

How to get excited about New Year and its celebration:

  • Start by having some time to yourself. Find 30-60 minutes to get your favourite mask or facial care routine done, have a bubble bath or relaxing shower, do your manicure. Invest into your relaxation
  • Delegate every possible task. It is not about perfection but collaboration so that everyone is involved
  • Find ways to incorporate festive notes into your manicure, makeup or look. I love sparkles, some love everything golden, red or white. Whatever colour you find that reminds you of exciting holiday celebration.
  • Have a special outfit for the celebration. I know many places are closed because of covid. But who cares! I grew up on home parties and all my best memories of new year take place in my or friend’s home rather than in a fancy restaurant. Dress up for yourself, your family and/or your friends.
  • Think about how you want to start new year (food wise). In Russia, we believe that the new year will reflect how we celebrate it. That is why new year’s food often includes caviar and champagne – so that the next year will bring wealth and enjoyment. Think about what food makes you feel festive and have it tonight.
  • New years table decoration is a separate point. Mine will include a festive table cover, confetti, candle that smells like christmas tree, red napkins and festive plates and new champagne glasses.
  • Do a photoshoot next to your christmas tree!
  • Entertainment – ideally it needs to include some movies or tv shows that make you feel happy and excited, and some music for dancing. When we just moved to Canada in 2004 we did not have enough money for a cable and we missed russian tv so somehow we found a recording of 1998s russian concert that we played. Kind of gloomy now that i think about it but back then it felt special.
  • Party favours: confetti, sparkling sticks, glowing bracelets, new years hats – it costs next to nothing but it creates amazing party mood
  • Congratulate/write or call to all your friends and family to wish them happy new year. Once my friend had few drinks and called everyone on her phone list to tell them what she really thinks of them. She even called her future boss 🙂 maybe dont do it after drinking LOL
  • Think about all the great things that happened this year. Awesome. Also think about all the bad things that you want to keep in 2021 and not take it with you. Write them down and destroy the paper. Free your mental space for great new things that next year will bring
  • There are many ways to make wishes during new years party. Here are some ways
    • While the clock strikes twelve, eat 12 grapes (without seeds), and think about your dreams
    • While the clock strikes twelve, write all your wishes/dreams on piece of paper, burn it, throw into a glass of champagne and drink it. This is something we always do and every year we have funny things happen – once my friends ate the paper instead of burning it first, last year the burning paper destroyed the candle and burnt the table cloth…so definitely be careful here!
    • Write a list of 7 wishes and keep it safe.
    • Write many wishes on different pieces of paper and put them under your pillow when you go to sleep. The wish that you pull off from your pillow first in the morning will be first to come true

Happy New Year everyone! May the next year bring only good things!

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