How to tell if a guy likes you

There are many ways to tell if a guy likes you. Some signs might be more obvious than others. The list below is based on my experience and also got validated by my husband 🙂 Please note that this only applies to heterosexual relationships.

Signs he likes you when you just met

  • He looks at you directly, even when you are not talking to each other
  • He shows that his attention is focused on you – he might be talking to you more than to anybody else
  • He remembers the information about you. For example, if you mentioned that you are interested in collecting dolls the first time you met, when you meet again he will ask you a follow-up question to learn more or will bring up information related to this topic (e.g., “there is an event for doll collectors this week…”)
  • He does not speak over you. When you speak, he lets you finish your point. If he does speak over you he immediately apologizes
  • He walks you. It may be walking you to the nearest subway station or a car after an event. If he does it without you asking (but confirms with you that you will be comfortable prior to proceeding), it means he worries about your safety
  • He pays for your drink and/or food (not just offers but actually pays. Especially on the first date)
  • He tries to feed you by bringing food (even if you are not at a restaurant)
  • He asks you questions about you, especially the ones that help him better understand your background, priorities, goals and personality
  • He tries to get closer to you. He may try to touch your hand or face. However it has to be innocent, light and respectful
  • He tells you things that he thinks will impress you (e.g., things that in his mind add to his masculinity such as how strong or smart he is – how much weight he can lift, the new framework he developed or how his clients appreciate working with him)
  • He tries to be funny. Again, not everyone is funny but he tries anyways
  • He holds a door when you enter, offers you a chair and does other things that make you feel like a lady
  • He reveals information about himself that is sensitive and not usually shared with his social circle
  • He looks for opportunities to talk to you using various messengers, media, etc. If he is interested in you, he will be trying to talk to you or engage with you more to maintain ongoing communication
  • He will congratulate you with holidays and special events like your birthday, Christmas or any other holidays. When the guy is truly interested he will look for topics and reasons to maintain communication with you. Holidays give him an excuse to reach out without looking desperate

How to tell if he likes you/loves you after you have been dating

  • He is interested in meeting your friends and family because he can learn more about you
  • He is being supportive when something good or bad is happening in your life
  • He offers help or helps you when you experience challenges (regardless if you need a professional advice or dealing with your insurance). However it does not mean he needs to solve your problems
  • He is planning to spend his free time (particularly weekends and vacation) with you – this applies if you live apart. It is kind of obvious when you live together
  • He is putting effort to live with you – e.g., looking for a new place, getting furniture for you if you are moving to his place
  • He wants you to meet his friends and family
  • He is not interested in other women
  • He mentions future where you are a part of it (without being presumptious)
  • He does not make long-term plans that are in conflict with your relationship – e.g., he would not plan working in another country, taking a semester abroad or going to a law school in another city if it can mean you would not be together, because (go to the next point)
  • He continually asks you information about you
  • He places you first (not his mother, career, kids, his own calmness)
  • He considers your needs and emotions before making plans
  • He does not tell you what he thinks you should do with your life, where you should work and so forth unless you ask him
  • He doest not ask you to dress/look a certain way because he likes you for who you are
  • You feel like you can be yourself with him, you are not trying to impress him, afraid of being judged or trying to be liked for who you are not
  • You are feeling safe with him

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