Creating a Summer Mood

Getting excited for the summer is harder during pandemic time but not impossible. Even when traveling is limited and patios are still closed down in Ontario (so jealous of California!), there are many ways to get ready for the summer and especially to get into the lighter mood. Below are some ideas!

  1. Create a summer playlist

For someone who cannot live without music and who has a soundtrack for every situation in life and every vacation, this one is a starting point. Nothing puts me in a holiday or happy mood as good music. Here is the link to the playlist I am listening to this summer – from well-known oldies to songs released a month ago, it is packed with summer mood.

2. Movies

There are some good movies coming out this summer that I am looking forward to watching:

3. Drinks

Another good way to get into summer mood is delicious drinks. Whether it is a fruity cocktail or a smoothie – there are many ways to try new flavours while enjoying summer’s hot months.

Here are some quick ideas:

  1. Gin is having a come back this summer. I am wondering if it has anything to do with putting a new 1920s spin on 2020s. The choices are limitless – from a ready-to-drink strawberry gin soda to something you can create on your own with any combination of gin, fruits and soda. Here is a link to many gin cocktail ideas
  2. There are lots of white wines that are perfect for sunny days. If you like reds, I find chilled red Italian wines just as good.
  3. If you are health-conscious, try smoothies with more tropical flavours – add kiwi, pineapple, coconut, banana and other fruits.
  4. A simple addition to lime or lemon slice and ice to your water can also make it more summerish. You can also try adding frozen strawberries and fresh basil to your water.

4. Improve Appearance

There are many things can be done to ‘summerize’ appearance. I am excited about new light pink sparkling nail polish and I already invested in shorts and summer dresses. Next on my list – adding colours to my makeup, for example, by trying more colourful eyeliners and bright lipsticks. Also researching and experimenting with face massage techniques to reduce fine lines.

There are fun ways to exercise inside (no installations, gyms or monthly fees required):

  1. Boxing inside
  2. Cordless rope that you can take anywhere
  3. Zumba – so many videos available for free on youtube, just pick your favourite song!

5. Make a list

I find that even in lockdown conditions it is possible to have something low-key to look forward to. I really hope the lockdown will be over soon and some things will be open to public. I am looking forward to:

  • petting goats at a dedicated farm
  • picking strawberries and other fruits and veggies from a farm
  • visiting different water falls
  • visiting wineries
  • having patio and barbeque time (or picnics!) with friends and family

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