When we are lost and when we are found

I don’t know a person who wouldn’t experience both highs and lows in their life.

There are times when we wake up excited about what a new day will bring, there are times when we wake up preoccupied with things we need to cross off to-do list, and there are times when we don’t want to get up from the bed at all.

There are times when we think we know exactly what awaits us tomorrow, and we’ve got a plan to deal with it. There are other times, when we feel lost and have no idea what awaits us. And this is beautiful because uncertainty can bring surprises, it can show us how we have grown and that we are much stronger today then we were yesterday. That we’ve failed but we also got up and continued our journey. There are many people and things that we lose along the way, but there are other, different, sometimes better people and things we will gain tomorrow.

If you feel low, sad and lost, think about a phoenix – it arises from the ashes and begins living a new life.


Every challenge is given to teach us a lesson, to make us stronger, to teach us value certain things in life. Sometimes the challenge we are given signifies the end of the old chapter because a new chapter is about to begin. It is up to us to decide whether we want to close this chapter and be ready for change, whether we want to just learn a lesson or completely change the way we see the world. What’s important is to continue moving forward, regardless of what life brings us. And this is strength. There is always hope.

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