The Books I am Reading

***3 minute read***

Let me begin by saying that those are not the only books I am reading (I read not only self-help books), but these ones have made it to my bookshelf. I will be providing separate review for each of these babies as soon as I finish reading each of them.  In this post I will focus on factors that influenced my decision for buying these books (let’s see if I am going to think the same once I read them).

brilliant#1 – How to Be Brilliant – this is one of my favorite self-help books, even though I only read half. It gave me some original and some strategic advice that I thought was great (working in the strategy branch in the government, I developed a “fifth” sense for strategy). This book also made me feel good, it gave me this sense of empowerment and control over my life. Looking forward to finishing it!


#2 Blink – This book caught my attention because it addressed  a skill that I think only very successful people posses – a skill to make decisions, to make good decisions and to do it well and, also, very quickly. Successful people always know what to do. Hope this book is helpful in this regard.blink

#3 Never Eat Alone – I got this book because of the way it is written. It is written in very inspiring, motivating way that makes you want to go and conquer the world, right now! It is especially helpful for people who struggle to learn how to network, and it provides some good step-by-step instructions to get people to listen and help you, and they work!nevereatalone

#4 – The Happiness Project – One woman’s journey to become happier within a year by trying things and then capturing it in her book. Also lots of quotes and theory. Some tips and things she recommends make a lot of sense. My favorite one is about destroying clutter. The idea is as follows- to begin your journey of becoming happier, you first need to remove distractions and things that annoy you and steal your happiness – such as clutter. No one can think clearly and focus while having a messy closet, a desk covered in papers, kitchen full of dirty dishes, etc. Happiness-ProjectThis principle always works – whenever you are confused or annoyed – cleaning is the best way to feel like you are in control and also it makes you feel good. Totally agree, Gretchen!

#5 – Happier at Home – Another book by Gretchen Rubin that captures her journey on becoming happier at home, doing daily things with her family. I personally find it a good read just before bed as it gives you this sense of calm.happier-at-home-cover

#6 – How to Talk to Anyone – lots of helpful tips to make someone you just met like you. Especially helpful if you are about to meet new people, going to networking event or if you are preparing for an interview – it is an additional confidence booster and also a good distraction so you focus on something other than your stress.


Happy reading!